Cheap Macbooks on a Budget

November 6, 2012


Finding a cheap Macbook may sound like a bit of a fallacy considering Apple’s notoriety as an expensive retailer that rarely cuts corners when it comes to costs. In part this may be true as realistically when looking for a Mac laptop you will mainly be restricted to the second hand market if you are on a really tight budget. You can find some good deals on lower ends Macs and even Mac Airs for as low as a 1000$ but this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a broke student living off noodles and alcohol then you’ll probably be more inclined to go for the second hand caliber.

Cheap second hand Macs are almost as good as new in some cases if they are recent models and nicely refurbished. Overall though you’ll have trouble find a bad Mac laptop on the second market simply due to Apple’s build quality and the amount of effort they put into ensuring their hardware is unparalleled. Spec wise you are almost guaranteed a Core 2 Duo if you have anywhere from 400$ upwards to spend. This is a solid dual core processor and better than even some PC laptops in the same price bracket. It’s not hard to see why cheap Mac laptops are so much more popular than the PC variety, though that said with Windows 8 laptops just around the corner we can expect to see some fierce competition.

Back to the matter at hand though if you are serious about finding the best budget Macbook laptop for you the most important thing will be to figure out the main reason you need it in the first place. For just basic word processing and that kind of jazz you have the luxury of focusing more on battery life than specs. For anyone needing a bit more juice out of their machines however you may be force to find something a little bit larger and more busty. Of course almost all Mac’s are pretty portable so you still won’t be hard pressed carrying it around as a workstation though I’m sure you can imagine the difference. If you look around you can also find some great deals on older machines that do have dedicated graphics from Radeon or Nvidia. This means even if you are keen on a few sneaky games here and there Apple still has you covered. St. Stores such as Amazon are some of the best to find good deals on. At the time of writing there is a Mac air only second generation for sale for 1000$ at 30% off. If you do have the cash and don’t need the processing power for a slightly larger build then it’s hard to ass up an opportunity like that.