Cheap White Laptops for Sale for Under 300 Dollars

September 29, 2011


Computer and white laptops have certainly simplified office work for many companies around the globe. Be it working at the office, working from home or working on the move, businesses are greatly profiting from better organization, communication and strategizing skills. white laptops have recently dwindled in price making it a pleasure for many consumers to now own one. If you haven’t purchased one yet for fear of the pricing, the time is right because those prices have been slashed down considerably, with brand new white laptops under 400 dollars. Trademark computer companies have availed inexpensive white laptops, creating an avenue for anyone to buy one, or two if they so desire.

One great benefit that comes along with white laptops that are under $400 is their retained high quality. There is no doubt that many may question the authenticity of such a cheap product but, the computer companies are sparing no expense to ensure that these white laptops meet the set standards. They have the essential features, are well built and just as productive as the expensive ones. Some of the companies with cheap white laptops under 400 dollars in the market include Dell, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and Acer.

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Acer is in fact renowned for its long line of products in the market. Of these, the Acer aspire AS7741 W764 and the Acer 156 dual core, are a couple of their white laptops in the under 400 dollars market. Priced at less than 400 dollars, the former laptop has a 250GB hard drive and a 186GHz Intel Processor that enables fast processing speeds while the latter has 500GB of hard drive space and a 4GB RAM. If you are looking to purchase a laptop for under $400 for business purposes, for school, for communication or entertainment, Acer has products to meet these requirements, at prices that are just right. However, besides the reasonable pricing, the white laptops come with integral features whether it be for business, pleasure or entertainment.