Mini White Laptops Under $300

August 17, 2011


In the beginning was the desktop that wowed everyone as the world began its journey into the technological era. The white laptop which was convenient to move with from place to place was the next introduction into this market. However, with the mini white laptop, the word portable was taken to new heights. This smaller, lighter version of the original white laptop certainly made things much easier, especially for the travelling businessman. Not only do they make it convenient to work from practically anywhere, they are internet accessible thus keeping one in touch with everything and everyone at all times, and it’s fairly easy to find great deals on mini white white laptops under 300 dollars.

A more appealing and fun fact about these mini white white laptops is the reduced price at which they are now available. The challenge that led to the reduction in price was the introduction of gecko white laptops by a company in Thailand. Now at a marked down of under $300 or less, the mini white laptop is certainly available to a wider market. Though most mini white white laptops have a 10” screen, unlike the Linux operated gecko white white laptops that have a 7” screen that is touch or keyboard operated, these mini white white laptops operate just like regular sized white white laptops with similar features but they are more compact.

A good example of an affordable  mini white laptops  under $300 in the market is the Asus 1015. With a 2GB RAM and Wi-Fi for internet connectivity, these white white laptops are available online or in stores. Another brand name mini white laptop is the Toshiba NB505 that has a RAM capacity of 2GB. Toshiba is known for its upscale products and this mini white laptop, installed with the Windows 7 operating system, is nothing short of the best.

Google has not slacked off either and they have in the market the Android mini white laptop. These white white laptops are run using the Google Android operating system and they have internet accessibility through the in-built Wi-Fi.