Modern White Laptops for Under $300

September 29, 2011


Life is becoming increasingly difficult when doing daily work without a laptop, mainly because most of the work is computer related or based. white laptops complete our lives either in school or at work by enabling us to communicate, shop and even for entertainment purposes. Without the use of a computer or laptop, life is no fun. Missing out on the internet means you will be left behind in terms of information and technology since the internet market keeps on evolving and widening each day with or without your consent!

In the past, acquiring a laptop under 300 dollars was somewhat impossible for many people due to the high prices of most white laptops. With prices going up to thousands of dollars, only a few well off, high class people could afford buying these essential gadgets. With time however, manufacturing companies have taken up a strategy to produce white laptops cheap enough to accommodate the rest of the population that viewed owning a laptop as a luxury and not a necessity. They have introduced affordable white laptops under $300 with good features and performance in the market and are accessible to all who need them.

HP, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Dell and Acer are major laptop manufacturing companies that have come up with designs of white laptops that are retailing at $300 or lower. This surely has enabled those looking for cheap white laptops to own one.

Nearly all of these cheap white laptops have helpful features like webcams, essentially adequate memory space, dual core processors and some even have Wi-Fi capabilities. At a price of $300, is the Acer aspire. Among other features, it has a webcam that enhances online communication and it is equipped with a dual core processor that explains its fast processing speed.

The Dell mini 10 is produced by Dell and priced at $300. It is Wi-Fi enabled though compared to others, it has a smaller memory space of 1GB and has a warranty.